October 12-18, 2020

11 am (CST) each day


Social Media and Content Basics

Low-cost and easy training to grow your business

Avoid confusion and overwhelm

More professional look and more visible to your ideal clients

You want to grow your business and look professional while maintaining a budget and control of your business, right? Are you a solo-entrepreneur and enjoy the freedom and control of your time, income, and future? This workshop was made just for you.

Being a sought after professional isn’t a string of complicated tasks and systems.

Learn the simple tasks to be more visible and professional online even if you have little to no time or money.

October: Branding and Social Media [Buy Now]

Maybe you're feeling...

Behind the 8-ball with your business.

Overwhelmed and overtasked.

Not good enough or like an imposter.

Those are all common feelings when you are running a business on your own. Why not simplify and utilize simple and easy steps to be the stand out professional in your field?

Most workshops and summits blast information at you like water from a fire hydrant. It is difficult to keep up with it and nearly impossible to implement any of it.

Coach Missy specializes in simplification and taking action. Each day there are three topics that are taught and then YOU IMPLEMENT THEM!  Yes!  It's true!  You will be taught simple steps, then you will do the work. No more task lists that never get done.

Register for this workshop then mark your calendar for each day (Monday-Thursday) at 11am (CST) to learn then take action. You will have results the same day!

You will need your laptop or personal computer for the workshop. Most of the work can't be done on your mobile device.

All of the training is recorded live and the replays along with the Q&As with be available until October 18th.

Every other month, Coach Missy Martin Presents training that applies to all levels of business. Check out the future workshops.

Upcoming workshops:

December: Website, Graphics, Brand

February: Spirituality & Mindset

April: Goals, Strategies, Systems

June: Content Creation

August: Product Creation

Meet Your Host


A little about me, Coach Missy Martin...

The difference between a successful business and a struggling business is one thing.

Confidence. Confidence in yourself and confidence in your product and service.

I work with you to evaluate and create your business strategy, remove the things that aren’t working, and help you confidently take the right actions year after year

I became a Success Coach because in my first year of business I spent as much time helping other business owners overcome struggles with their confidence and overwhelm as I did running my own business. I learned right away that there is no book or course on how to build a business that works for everybody.

I also learned that everyone has far more gifts and strengths than they realize and yet, they are not taking advantage of them! My superpower –dare I call it that– is seeing your strengths and drawing out the skills and expertise you don’t realize is gold. Then I show you how to use those gifts –that magic– to build the business you were born to build.

The Details

When: October 12-18 at 11am (CST) each day.

Where: We have a Facebook Group for collaboration, Q&A sessions, and networking with others.


October 12th - 15th is the live workshops

October 16th - 18th you can watch the replays

Monday, Oct. 12, 11am CST followed by a live Q&A/feedback/implementation

Content Basics:

  • Images and graphics using Canva
  • Topics ideas
  • Simple writing/speaking tips

Tuesday, Oct. 13, 11am CST followed by a live Q&A/feedback/implementation

Branding Basics:

  • Creating a brand board
  • Understanding design basics
  • Photos-branding and stock

Wednesday, Oct. 14, 11am CST followed by a live Q&A/feedback/implementation

Facebook Basics:

  • Optimize your Profile
  • Optimize your Page
  • Optimize your Group

Thursday, Oct. 15, 11am CST followed by a live Q&A/feedback/implementation

Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, YouTube, Twitter Basics:

  • General overview
  • Audience types
  • What and when to post for each

Each topic will be presented in 5-15 minutes with a 5-10 minute break to implement. Then we will start the next one. So the sessions start at 11 am and last 60-90 minutes. Followed by a 10-15 minute break and the live Q&A/feedback/implementation for another 30-60 minutes.

So schedule 2-ish hours each day for the workshops.

The cost is $20 to register. 

Annual Pass offer

You have the option to purchase each Workshop Session on its own for $20 or you can purchase an Annual Pass and get access to an entire year (every other month) of workshops. PLUS, you will have access to all of the training even after the expiration date of the workshop.

That means you will get access to the video recordings for an entire year. AND you will get that anytime-access to all of the workshops coming up over the next 12 months!!

Not your average online workshop

We are putting the "WORK" back into Workshop!

Each session you bring your laptop and you work step-by-step on the training for that session.

We have a community on Facebook where you can ask questions, get feedback, and show off your work!

Learning how to do things is great, but implementation is where the gold is.
And just doing a few things each day makes a BIG impact on your business.

It's time to…

- Stop adding and start marking off those "to-do list" tasks.

- Grab your laptop, and notes, and get some work done.

- Invest a little time in your business and see a lot of results.

What are you waiting for? Let's get some WORK done! Grab your ticket now!